• Loorena Mckennitt, femme de l'eau qui fait couler la musique au plus profond de la conscience

    Paroles: I wish I was in Carrighfergus,

    Only for nights in Ballygrant

    I would swim over the deepest


    Only for nights in Ballygrant.

    But the sea is wide, and I can't get


    And neither have I wings to fly,

    Oh, if I could find me a handsome boatsman


    ferry me over to my love and die.

    Now in Kilkenny, it is reported,

    They've marble

    stones there as black as ink

    With gold and silver I would transport her

    But I'll sing no

    more now, till I get a drink.

    I'm drunk today, but then I'm seldom sober.


    handsome rover from town to town.

    Oh oh, but I am sick now, my days are over,

    Come all you

    young lads and lay me down.

    I wish I was in Carrighfergus,

    Only for nights in

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